MZ. 412 - 'Burning The Temple Of God' LP


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Black Industrial
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Deluxe vinyl reissue of MZ.412's classic album. Originally released in 1996 by Cold Meat Industry and reissued by Cold Spring on CD in 2010, this is the first ever vinyl reissue. Burning The Temple... is widely hailed as MZ.412's greatest and most influential work. Although it's not the collective's first album, Burning The Temple.. was starkly and strikingly unique upon its initial release, and would eventually shape the “black industrial” subgenre. Here, mulching tones of mangled guitar and electronics course through terrifyingly tribal, ritualistic rhythms, creating an atmosphere of mechanistic, dystopian collapse. Like the very bowels of Hell bursting upward - slowly, menacingly - through the long-unused smokestacks of rotten, derelict factories, Burning The Temple.. is an experience like no other, a world unto itself…and one that eventually consumes the listener. Hail the end! Remastered by N.G. Ekholm on January 2016. Licensed from Cold Spring. Ltd x 206 copies on black vinyl with large poster and replication of the original 1996 artwork. ACT FAST!

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