KEVLAR - 'New Fears New Fights' LP


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Industrial / Power Electronics
Record Label:
Unrest Productions

The 3rd album from Edinburgh's Kevlar. "New Fears New Fights stands apart, given there is an immediate sense of urgency, increased aggression and overt antagonism to this which elevates it to the next level... Although direct comparisons can be drawn here to now classic elements from German and UK scenes (shuddering synth lines, layered loops, cascading distortion and antagonistic flanged vocals), with their focused and honed style Kevlar absolutely achieve a personal and most importantly a current take on this sound... Kevlar have issued an extremely impressive industrial / power electronics LP and which is absolutely representative of the best of what the underground has to offer right now" (Noise Receptor). File next to The Grey Wolves, Anenzephalia, Ex.Order. Ltd x 200 copies hand-numbered copies with insert.

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