SUTEKH HEXEN - 'Luciform' CD


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Ritual / Noise / Black Metal
Record Label:
Ksenza Records

Reissue of Sutekh Hexen's 2011 debut album, now on CD for the first time. "While many bands talk about being trve or not Sutekh are just nastier than the rest. Creating layers of noise that support the overall intensity of the songs themselves. This allows the listener to almost feel pulled into the record that much more. While it can be an unpleasant listen for some it rewards those who take the time to fall within it's grasp. The production is cold beyond words allowing little room for anything to breathe... Everything in this record makes its presence known when it is necessary and only then the artwork feeds into the same mystique that the band members themselves carry, making sure that the music speaks for itself. There is little else to say other than that if need a record that truly feels evil throughout and has no need for the usual "look at me aren't i evil" black metal posturing this is the record you should be blasting throughout the winter" (Scene Point Blank). Remastered by James Plotkin. Ltd x 500 copies in a DVD-sized digipak.

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