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Harsh Noise / Techno
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Dark Vinyl

Gender Trouble is a new project by R. Loren (Pyramids / Sailors With Wax Wings / White Moth) and Faith Malimba (Black Doll), along with guest collaborators including Kenneth Parker and Ashley Scott Jones, and vocal spots by Marissa Nadler, and Scout Pare Phillips. "Chokehair explores the much ignored / maligned / ignored genre of Harsh Noise Wall through the prism of noise, techno, and the spectacle. Gender Trouble is static and synth and more static, waves and waves of static, and rejection of music and rejection of nihilism, but with a decent beat you can (but won't) dance to. Indebted equally to The Rita and Tiesto, I feel confident that if Little Richard was conceived in 1990, this is the music he'd be making today". 6-panel digisleeve.

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