AM NOT - 'The Developing World' LP


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Power Electronics / Industrial
Record Label:
Tesco Organisation

A pure assault of industrial / power electronics, well designed and structured - a tour de force from start to end. The new album starts with the idea of developing nations, and then moves on to explore the world itself as a project in development. Landscapes are reimagined by great visionaries both living and dead - the world is in flux and constant development. But in every pile of rubble and ruin can be found redemption through reconstruction. Obsolete archaic monstrosities are razed to the ground and in their place new monuments are erected from glass and steel, ever higher, ever more inspired. The individual lives in a state of increasing precariousness and is taught that they are powerless to change or influence this... it is essential to be a step ahead of the rest. "Sell your shares, fortify your houses, invest in gold, stock pile fuel, choose your allegiances, change them as necessary, sharpen your blades, tear up your passport, seek asylum, hasten collapse, stay safe, take back control, seize opportunity and God willing, you will survive". Features a guest appearance by SHIFT. Ltd x 300 copies with 12-page A4 booklet.

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