BARRY ADAMSON + PAN SONIC + THE HAFLER TRIO - 'The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion' 12" (CSR241LP)


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Electronica / Choral / Experimental
Record Label:
- Cold Spring -

Pan Sonic, arranged and edited by Barry Adamson (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Magazine), with an additional re-arrangement by The Hafler Trio.

Here, Barry Adamson and Pan Sonic is performed by the Hljomeyki choir and Pan Sonic. "...a blend of an Icelandic choir performing Barry's (treated) microtonal, urgent score is slowly infiltrated, first with an electronic breath and then by well-rounded bass that evolves into a satisfactory crescendo before the scary humhum returns... highly successful" (Vital Weekly).

The Hafler Trio's wonderful extended reworking "weaves strong drones together before levelling them to start anew. At times it sounds eerily like the soundtrack to "the monolith" from Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, but the intermittent digital crackles and processing bring the listener forcefully up to the present tense. If you are interested in abstract and experimental electronic music, the Hafler Trio deliver a solid remix".

35 minutes. Originally released on CD by Icelandic label Kitchen Motors in 2001, now released on vinyl for the first time by Cold Spring.

Produced by Barry Adamson, Jóhann Jóhannsson, and Pan Sonic. The cover art features Icelandic electronic composer Magnús Blöndal Jóhannsson having a brain scan performed while listening to this disc.

180g vinyl with matt card sleeve. Comes with download card.

"a titanic score that teeters tensely to a sonic conversation detailed in a brush sweeping dark and light texturing, both majestic and monolithic, it swallow dives between the edgy and the ethereal... the stars are going out one by one." (The Sunday Experience)

"the sounds sprawl into the void feel particularly satisfying. Everything throughout the album explores a need to understand as eerie textures permeate the pieces. Nearly symphonic the way the aural universes come together feels quite satisfying." (Beach Sloth)

"...a collision of Pan Sonic, Barry Adamson and The Hafler Trio is certainly attention grabbing. Luckily, these two compositions are too... Compared to the suave noir ish composition of the source track, the rework is an expansive and sometimes cold feeling journey." (Midlands Metalheads).

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