ZBEEN - 'Tonal Whiplash' CD


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Electronica / Glitch / Experimental
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"Tonal whiplash is a dissonance between tones, a lack of narrative coherence or the evil headache caused by a nonsensical explanation. One might argue that this is the defining characteristic of modern political discourse. Zbeen (Gianluca Favaron and Ennio Mazzon) translates this jarring disconnection into music, daring the listener to locate patterns and linear equations. The more one plays these tracks, the more one detects some overall threads: isolation, dehumanization, menace, technology, surveillance, encryption. Each track here adopts a particular pace, while the fragments of sound whirl around the speakers like shattered glass in a vortex. The music is not catchy, nor is it intended to be. It serves instead as an aural Rorschach test" (A Closer Listen). Comes in an outsized sleeve.

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