LASSE MARHAUG - 'White Inferno' CD


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Old Captain

During a hellish blizzard in the winter of 1996, Norwegian noise artist Lasse Marhaug (Jazkamer, Origami Replika, Testicle Hazard, DEL) locks himself up in his home studio in Trondheim and records the harshest noise of his life. Marhaug's attempt to obliterate the arctic climate with total sonic destruction fails, but the recorded onslaught results in the "White Inferno" cassette, released on Macronympha's Mother Savage Noise Productions label. Dense analogue tape overload which could be seen as a more bloody-minded sister-release to the "Science Fiction Room Service" album of the same year. Included here as a bonus is an obscure piece recorded at the same sessions, previously only available on an Ecuadorian compilation tape. Remastered to maximum volume for a new generation of music fans to endure and enjoy. Ltd x 300 copies in a 6-panel digipak.

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