UNITED FRONT - 'By All Means II (The Fall of Church and State)' CD


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Power Electronics
Record Label:
Malignant Records

Previously known as U-731, Gordon Lazarus’ project is now a duo, rebranded as United Front. The same incendiary and antagonistic principles apply as before, only heightened and intensified. The album burns with fervency and scalding anger, painting a picture of a country rife with corruption and spiralling towards war and strife. Even as it's primarily centered around US policy, this has a more distinctly European feel than before, channelling mid-late 90’s German Power Electronics acts with its singular frequency throbs, samples, hostile vocals, and ominously atmospheric washes of toxic electronics. A dire proclamation and should serve as a wake up call to those previously content to sit by the wayside. Ltd x 300 copies in a digipak.

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