MANINKARI - 'L'Océan Rêve Dans Sa Loisiveté (Second Session)' CD


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Drone / Ethereal / Ethno-Ambient
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This is a continuation of the "L'Océan Rêve Dans Sa Loisiveté" recordings. Once again, the duo proves that they are unmatched in creating unbelievable and unclassifiable sound textures. The 'Second Session' is based on improvisation and leaves room for more melodies, especially for viola, the resonances of the bodhran and its repetitive rhythms gives access to a form of trance and have a character of composition. The album transports us in a frenetic universe where the sea mother of idleness reigns in all power, land and sea form a vibrant balance. The voluntary control of certain melodies is felt through cymbalom and santoor and sharp long ethereal resonances. The voluntary reverberation of certain instruments resounds like a dream prayer. Ltd x 300 copies in a digisleeve.

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