DON BRADSHAW-LEATHER - 'Distance Between Us' 2 x LP


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Psych-Rock / Drone / Experimental
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Reissue of this cult 1972 album. During the long, dark hangover of the Summer of Love, the classically-trained Essex prodigy approached CBS with demo recordings. Given an advance to record an album, he used it to create a large studio in Sussex with many instruments including an actual church organ. Without the use of any electronic sequencing, he recorded the album using a multitrack tape, layering each part of the composition. Upon hearing the four side-long tracks of blurry organ drones, frantic piano tinkling, and ritualistic percussion, CBS got cold feet and Bradshaw-Leather released it himself. The double gatefold sleeve is full of mysteries, from the coal-blackened visage of the bohemian madman on the cover (DBL himself?), to the rear photo collage depicting the same madman accosting a nude woman. The music isn't any less mysterious; shapeless symphonies of smeared-out mellotron, tribal drums, and wordless vocals. VERY few copies in stock!

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