COLIN POTTER - 'The Ghost Office' 2 x LP


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Industrial / Experimental
Record Label:
Deep Distance

Double vinyl reissue of Colin Potter's seminal 1980 cassette only release. His run of half of a dozen home recorded, DIY / minimal synth cassettes between 1980 and 1982 is rightly granted legendary status. "The Ghost Office" was his first full release, recorded on 4 track tape at the very first location of IC Studio in York. This release has been remastered and edited to include all but one of the tracks, the missing piece being removed in the interests of health and safety. In addition there are extra tracks that appeared on compilations or taken from the vaults. Colin is a long-term member of Nurse With Wound and has worked with Current 93, Ora, Organum and many others. Ltd x 400 copies with artwork by Jonathan Coleclough.

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