HASTINGS OF MALAWI - 'Vibrant Stapler Obscures Characteristic Growth' LP


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Avant-Garde / Experimental
Record Label:
Sub Rosa

First reissue of the wildly cacophonic 1981 masterpiece album by the legendary Hastings Of Malawi, featuring Heman Pathak, John Grieve and Dave Hodes. Recorded in one night in 1981, with no plan and no idea of what they were doing, they played drums, clarinet, synthesiser and piano, and made use of things that they found lying around the studio - old records, cookery books, telephone directories and a telephone. The recordings were played down the phone to randomly dialled numbers and the reactions added to the recording. All three had been involved in the recording of the first NURSE WITH WOUND album "Chance Meeting On A Dissecting Table Of A Sewing Machine And An Umbrella", contributing metal scrapings, piano, effects, clarinet and guitar. File under: dada, underground, post-industrial, concrete music, DIY, punk. Ltd x 500 copies on red vinyl. Already sold out from the label!

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