COLOSSLOTH - 'Heathen Needles' CD (CSR235CD)


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Industrial / Power Noise / Electronica
Record Label:
- Cold Spring -

On his second album, Colossloth continues his esoteric sonic crusade of volatile yet absorbing audio textures. Cold electronica, with swathes of rhythmic power noise and industrial harshness, tempered with penetrating song structures. Eleven tracks of austere, reflective and exploratory electronics for journeys made into the hidden realms underpinning daily life, spanning the bridge between gnosis and praxis. The dissonance of opposites falling into elemental synthesis with a sound and approach influenced from the past, present and future, letting us remain anachronistic yet temporal voyeurs in the abyss evoked forth. Digipak.

"...we start off with something extraordinary... I could see why Colossloth has been heralded as "the best of the new wave of British Drone." Heathen Needles has game-changing potential". (The Noise Beneath The Snow)

"Colossloth generates a veritable hellscape of aggressively-manipulated sounds... Heathen Needles is fresh and surprisingly non-repetitive. Colossloth processes a number of familiar styles and techniques in a fashion that is unusual and unconventional. The result is a thoroughly twisted and enjoyable album." (Avant Music News)

"Colossloth is somewhat of a success story in noise circles. Not only does the 'sloth play countless shows nationwide to much acclaim, he's also here delivering his second record for the excellent Cold Spring label... Less bleak and unforgiving, this is the more hopeful, but equally as uncompromising cousin to OYHFTIOT and as a result it's a scintillating listen." (Ninehertz)

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