DANIEL MENCHE - 'Blood Of The Land' 3" CD


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Field Recordings / Noise / Experimental
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Ferns Recordings

"Blood Of The Land" brings Daniel Menche back to the field recording territory by utilising storm recordings 2009-10. Wind storms, snow storms, ice storms, rain storms etc were recorded and captured, then mixed and densely layered all within the notorious "House Of Menche", which is covered by thick trees and mass bamboo. Just like a garden of sound, Daniel Menche hand-picks the sounds of storms hitting his house - and trees as recorders were placed all around outside of his house in the middle of these stormy nights. "Blood Of The Land" is a calm and intense composition of these storms that builds to an overwhelming state of pure sonic nature. Daniel Menche has presented the drama of these storms in all their bloody glory. Ltd x 500 copies in a mini-gatefold sleeve.

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