MY CAT IS AN ALIEN / KEIJI HAINO - 'Cosmic Debris Volume III' CD

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Psych-Rock / Noise / Experimental
Record Label:
A Silent Place

CD re-issue of the third installment in the "Cosmic Debris" split ART-LP series set up by Maurizio and Roberto Opalio, aka My Cat Is An Alien, on their own Opax Records. The Vol.III sees the two space brothers from Torino, Italy, alongside Japanese cult musician and dark shaman Keiji Haino. Imagine a cosmic bomb exploding in your brain, and you'll have an approximate idea of this collaborative release. These two long tracks were recorded during live performances in their hometowns, respectively Torino and Tokyo. Haino's track is one of the highlights of his long career, and MCIAA's track is one of the brothers' most ass-kicking for sure! Digisleeve.

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