LALLI & STEFANO RISSO - 'Un Tempo, Appena' CD


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Avant-Garde / Alt-Folk
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Female vocalist from Franti, Lalli's inspiration comes from the likes of Cesare Pavese, Marguerite Duras, Erik Satie's piano works, as well as Italian and European folk. However, the songs songs are not built by imitation but by spiritual correspondence. "Un tempo, Appena" is Lalli's sixth album, made in strong collaboration with double-bassist Stefano Risso, a longtime musical partner and close friend. Together they built a unique collection of songs. All music herein comes from electronic manipulations of double bass sounds, and the two voices meet, intertwine and melt in a loving embrace. Originally released on vinyl in 2016 (Black Cat Records), the CD release features bonus tracks, cover versions and remixes. Comes in a 6-panel outsized sleeve with lyric booklet.

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