SHROUD OF VAPOUR - 'Suicide Forest Sessions' CD


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Ambient / Experimental / Noise
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4iB Records

Hiroshi Hasegawa, Rohco, L’eclipse Nue (Daniel Sine) and Yoshiko Honda collaborate as Shroud of Vapour for this special project. The Suicide Forest in Aokigahara, Japan, serves as the recording ground due to its strong historic association with demons in Japanese mythology as well as being a popular place for suicide in Japan. The dense forest is still, quiet, void of almost all wildlife, bringing out the very nature of the artists true intent, reflecting the atmosphere of desolation and despair of a haunted suicide ground. The weaving in and out of distant female wails and ambient like soundscapes seem to echo the lost spirits of those that have chosen to take their own lives here. This entire project was recorded using only equipment that required no electricity and relied purely on battery power. Strangely enough, out of a total of 3 recordings that were done that day, only 2 were able to be retrieved, and are thus presented here in their true form. Ltd x 250 copies.

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