MERZBOW / RAVEN / DAO DE NOIZE - 'Animal Liberation' CD


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Japanese Noise / Harsh Noise
Record Label:
4iB Records

Animal Liberation features 3 characteristically powerful tracks of varying harshness and noise intensity with it's theme strongly centered on animal rights and its firm stand against animal abuse. The journey into the audio slaughterhouse begins with 2 harsh noise tracks presented by prolific Japanese noise artist Masami Akita (Merzbow) and Serbia's harsh noise artist Raven (or Djordje Miladinovic). Heavy layers of organic sounds, high frequency screeches and low level drones that almost sound like animal grunts and screams in the abattoir. This journey of butchery finally comes to an end with a closing ambient track from Ukraine's noise/ambient artist Dao De Noize (Artem Pismenetskii). Ltd x 200 copies.

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