PSYCHIC TV - 'Kondole / Dead Cat' 2 x CD + DVD (CSR246CD)


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Soundtrack / Industrial / Dark Ambient
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- Cold Spring -

Cold Spring are proud to announce “Kondole / Dead Cat” – a double CD and DVD collection, presented in a lavish 8-panel matt digipak with booklet.

DVD The film ‘Dead Cat’ was released in 1989, and shown only at a handful of cinemas that year, including once at the infamous Scala Cinema in London. It was never issued on general release and has only recently been uncovered by David Lewis (writer & director). We present the full film, re-authored from the original source. The film itself features unique starring roles from cult film director DEREK JARMAN, ANDREW TIERNAN (‘The Pianist’, ‘300’, ‘The Bunker’, Derek Jarman’s ‘Edward II’) and GENESIS P-ORRIDGE (Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle). The film features the music of Psychic TV, included here on CD1, in its complete form.

CD1 features the complete, long version of ‘Dead Cat’.

“…what could be more beautiful that such a sustaining & chronic radical as Gen could have provided us all – in the form of KONDOLE – with a piece of truly necessary Everyday Listening?” (Julian Cope / Head Heritage).

CD2 contains 3 tracks:

Thee First Part, ‘Thee Whale’ was recorded at Time Square Studios, Chiswick, London, on thee 23rd January 1988. It is thee soundtrack to an unmade 23 minute film called “Kondole (Thee Whale)”, by David Lewis and Andy Crabb.

Thee Second Part, ‘Thee Shadow Creatures’ was recorded at Hyperdelic Studios, San Francisco on 23rd January, 1993.

Thee Third Part, ‘Dead Cat’ was recorded at Time Square Studios, Chiswick, London, on thee 23rd January 1989. It is thee soundtrack to the film “Dead Cat” by David Lewis.

"If you’ve ever wondered what a stroll through Hell would sound like, here it is... As for the DVD... it effectively blends early David Lynch with the science-based horror of Hammer films... Delve into the mind’s shadows and experience an entirely new dimension of thought." (Big Takeover)

"When listened to through headphones, we actually feel like this sound is encircling us... enveloping at times with the listener not knowing whether to be intrigued or disturbed... The film “Dead Cat” is without question, one of the strangest and borderline disturbing short films I have seen in quite a while. I won’t give anything away but it further justifies the price of admission... a pretty unique and intriguing piece of art". (The Noise Beneath The Snow)

"Kondole / Dead Cat is a worthwhile historical document of Psychic TV and Cold Spring have done a grand job with the lavish packaging and the unearthing of this rare film. Derek Jarman and Psychic TV completists wont want to miss this edition of Kondole / Dead Cat" (Compulsion Online)

"...un impactante diseño de portada metafóricamente simbólica, inquietante, y transgresora como la misma esencia artística del grupo Psychic TV para una edición discográfica destinada a convertirse en álbum musical para coleccionistas, para melómanos que guardan tesoros musicales en su colección privada caracterizada por la más exquisita selección artística dentro de universo sonoro underground... grandioso álbum multimedia donde Música y Séptimo Arte configuran esta joya discográfica de imprescindible audición y visualización." (Lux Atenea)

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