MIZAR & HARMOSINI - 'The Child And The White Sea' CD


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Neofolk / Medieval / Ethno-Ambient
Record Label:
Corvus Records

Mizar hit right in the heart with melodic, yet sorrow-filled songs, sung by the choir for Byzantine and Eastern Orthodox medieval music called Harmosini. The Balkan Peninsula is a place where every stone has his own history and is soaked with blood. This fact makes music from the region filled with sadness and beauty, desperation and courage and love and hate at the same time. Since their inception in the 80's, darkwave act Mizar has gained cult status among music lovers in Balkan and neighbouring countries. Deep voices sing with pride and dedication, with ancient songs making your skin shiver. The Orthodox choir sings every word, making the album sound epic, heroic and thrilling. From guitar oriented songs, to the traditional tune of Ljubka Rondova from Bulgaria (“White Sea”). Close your eyes, and you will see the fall of Constantinople, listen and you will hear the steps of Alexander. The album is packed in elegant DVD digipak, designed with traditional Balkan Art, with drawings by Corvus.

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