BLACK FRONT - 'We March' 12" Picture Disc


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Neofolk / Dark Ambient
Record Label:
Corvus Records

During the 2 years since Black Front's debut album, the world continued on its path to become an even more violent place. On side A side the anthemic track “Death March” (i.e. making a group of people walk until they die, as in Armenian Genocide), is a metaphor for what is happening today. The devastating and hopeless cry of a soul on a death march, to the end of the world. The music is slow, heavy repeating, with solid riffs and martial drumming. The second song is an ode to Milcho Manchevski’s "Before The Rain" and the band's Balkan roots, bringing the theme of forced departure full circle. On the B-side are 2 remixes - a haunting ambient track by MYTRIP and a dark ambient track by SHRINE. Mastered by James Plotkin. Ltd x 150 hand-numbered copies on a B&W heavyweight picture disc.

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