NORDVARGR / DRAKH - 'Northern Dark Supremacy' CD


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Black Industrial / Black Metal / Dark Ambient
Record Label:
Infinite Fog Productions

Out of print for 16 years, the cult work of the MZ.412 members is finally available once again, and on CD for the first time. "Northern Dark Supremacy", an album recorded on the icy boundary between Black Metal, Dark Ambient, and Black Industrial, was the first release by the duo as Nordvargr / Drakh. Massive and ugly-gloomy landscapes of the true atmosphere of black metal from the founders of the already legendary Swedish industrial scene. The ghouls, groans, and voices of the united forces of death trapped in the underground cells of Bohult. This reissue contains 3 exclusive tracks from the same sessions, which simply didn't fit onto the original vinyl pressing, making for an impressive, fully-fledged 55 minutes. Ltd x 400 copies in a digipak designed by Horth (Goatpsalm, Karna, Sick Rites), whose style is the best suited to the visual display of the atmosphere of the album.

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