ELDAR - 'Sapere Aude' CD

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Dark Ambient / Martial Industrial
Record Label:
Cold Meat Industry

Eldar is a Barcelona-based project created in 2004 by Marc Merinee and Merce Spica, with a few obscure and limited releases in the past. This is a new chapter in the band's history; a chapter certain to put Eldar on the Dark-Ambient / Martial map. On "Sapere Aude" each track has been created in a unique collaboration with close related bands and projects (Der Blaue Reiter, Persona, Verbum and more), each introducing new instruments, melodies and voices - all treated and strongly bound together by the special Eldar-sound to an epic and enthralling listening. Low brooding analogue industrial sounds and voices, thunderous percussion with a dense martial bombast. Digipak.

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