GENOCIDE ORGAN - 'Leichenlinie 1989/2009' CD


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Death Industrial / Power Electronics
Record Label:
Tesco Organisation

Repress in a slightly different digipak, with 2 bonus tracks! 20 years have passed since :Leichenlinie: (Tesco 001) was released for the 1st time. Now it shines here as the totally remastered 20 years anniversary edition. Completed with 2 additional tracks recorded around the same time and formerly released on the 'Monochrome Meditator' MC only (SSSM/Japan, 1991). This material stands for one of the most wanted records in this genre for all times. :Leichenlinie: remains as an outstanding release in the German post industrial music genre. The well-balanced music contains power electronic rhythm based tracks as well as dark drowning ambient pieces with haunting samples. The two additional rare tracks fit perfectly to the line-up of the early industrial-rhythm driven sound of the band. An outstanding milestone in European "post industrial" music. Comes in a nice spot varnished digipak with the logo debossed on the front cover.

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