MANIA - 'Foul Inside' 3" CD


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Noise / Industrial
Record Label:
Freak Animal

Each of Mania's releases has been different; yet they have the same overall sound palette - brute electronics, feedback, metal junk, scarcely used vocals. Not quite power electronics, but also not material that could be filed under standard noise. Mania (aka Texas's Keith Brewer / Taint) has such a recognisable sound. His material always stands out clearly as Mania. This type of personality is rare in the noise genre. "Foul Inside" continues his work flawlessly. It is most definitely Mania, but slightly more abstract and slower moving perhaps? To fully analyse what precisely makes it different from all things in the past, is hard, but one can clearly feel it instantly in first listening. Ltd x 200 copies in a mini folder.

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