NORMOTONE - 'Hiraeth' CD


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Electronica, Apocalyptic Folk, Rhythmic Noise
Record Label:
Unknown Pleasures Records

Normotone is the solo project of Bruno Laborde (Axonal Warfare, Neon Cage Experiment). He worked with Architect, as well as producing remixes for artists such as Black Egg, Polygon, HIV+, and Ex_Tension. A deeply personal new album of Normotone‘s sounds like a mixture of Ben Frost, Coil, Autechre, Death In June, Einsturzende Neubauten or Mondkopf. Each track featured on this album has its own story, while remaining an integral part of a cohesive album. Under the predominantly raw layers of cold electronica, are apocalyptic folk, rhythmic noise, heavy glitchy rhythms and contemporary dark ambient music with a sonic edge. A collaborative effort among well-renowned artists including Black Egg, Sonic Area, Corina Nenuphar and Thomas 'Lysis' Brunaux. 6-panel digisleeve.

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