FLUTWACHT - '30 Monkeys' CD


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Power Electronics / Industrial
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The Tourette Tapes

Reissue of the extremely limited (30 copies) Apocalyptic Radio release from 2006, with bonus, previously unreleased, tracks. "30 Monkeys" is the soundtrack for a world controlled by apes, crushing machines and noisescapes. "The music is a degenerate mass of harsh electronic waves and patterns as savage as the primate of the title. Even when Flutwacht lower the decibel levels down a fraction the violent restraint is never far from the surface. A brooding seething mass of noise waiting to erupt once more. The production on this release is crisp and clean... and this gives the recording a greater sense of depth and bite allowing the hugely powerful electronics full reign to take centre stage... Take the best aspects of Propergol, minus the samples, and multiply the effect by ten" [Heathen Harvest]. Ltd x 300 copies in an A5 card envelope with insert.

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