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Dark Ambient / Experimental
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Tesco Organisation

Galerie Schallschutz’s first ever live appearance at the Tesco Festival / Antwerp 2007. With the sole purpose of giving the audience a great night’s entertainment, Galerie Schallschutz have put together an exceptionally amazing multimedia show with a profound stage concept. To maximise attention G.S. have optimised their performance almost theatrically, with a highly topical theme that covers the controlling of willpower, observation and constrictions of individual basic rights, and the ideology of freedom! Moreover, the musical concept with its layered ambient-drones, deep pulsed frequencies and manipulated interferences, was produced specifically for this special event and contains completely new, and most importantly, previously unreleased sounds. Skillfully filmed and tastefully produced by a professional German TV- and multimedia company! Comes in a luxury 6-panel DVD digipak with 8-page booklet.

PAL, Region 0 (will play in all European DVD players).

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