GENGHIS TRON - 'Board Up The House Remixes Vol. 5' 12"


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Guitar Drone / Experimental / Electro / Grindcore
Record Label:
Crucial Blast

If Genghis Tron's frayed and sparking mix of aggressive mathcore and electronics wasn't innovative enough, they've embarked on an ambitious multi-label remix project following their first album, "Board Up The House". The three tracks on the fifth and final edition comes wrapped in layers of distortion at once atmospheric and damaging. Tim Hecker's take on the title track is a slow thaw of icy electronic texture, and the Nadja remix of "I Won't Come Back Alive" stretches it out to fifteen minutes of buried drum hits and chilly synths. The final track is a distorted electro remix of "I Won't Come Back Alive" by Dudes You Can Trust. Ltd x 1000 copies on magenta / mint green marbled vinyl.

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