IHVHLXXII - 'Dtxenioutha' CD

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Dark Ambient / Neoclassical
Record Label:
Dying Art Productions

IHVHLXXII are reputedly the first Dark ambient group from China. Their music comes with a deep philosophical and historical origin. The music shifts from ghostly and heavy dark ambient with insane Chinese screams and ramblings, to guitar-based and percussive pieces, to melancholic neoclassical compositions. IHVHLXXII are building their own mythical empire of melancholy, isolation and exquisite rumbling soundscapes. IHVH forms four basic elements of the world in the philosophy of ancient Greece. Every Hebraic letter has a value, and the total value of IHVH is 72 (the LXXII in the band's name). Ltd x 1000 copies.

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