JANITOR - 'Qoumran 4-Ever' CD

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Industrial / Experimental
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Tesco Organisation

This is Janitor's 3rd full-length release. The two masterminds Lina Baby Doll (aka Peter Andersson of Deutsch Nepal) and BJ Nilsen (Hazard, Morthond) got together again to produce an outstanding mix of rhythms, industrial elektronic soundscapes and romantic tunes. With the distinct voice of Lina Baby Doll, this is a sentimental journey into their world of weirdness. After years of contemplation and research in the monastery caves of Qoumran, Nilsen and LBD found the hidden treasures they were looking for. The dry wind as a tapestry of sand in an elektronic desert, structures and ornaments hidden in the storm of Saudi. Another surprising release from the Swedish duo, presented in a digipak.

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